like bumming but more electric (decor_noctis) wrote in pwfa,
like bumming but more electric

Tom Felton Update

Lo people. I've just been to Tom's official website, which he writes himself (SQUEE!)and he's updated his blog and put three GORGEOUS new pics up. one of them his hair has started to grow back, methinks tis for filming *swoon*

the website is:- for those of you who don't know it.

Enjoy! He's so nice . There are not enough genuinely nice famous types out there, but Tom is one of those few. *sigh*

luv Jenni
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I've been there too, it's just too cute isn't it? Along with the usual urge I get to jump him when I hear about him, I am now getting an urge to pinch his cheeks and coo at him. **pinches cheeks**
lol. i know exactly what you mean. though if i got the opportunity, i'd be doing more than pinching his cheeks ;p lol. he is sooo cute and sexy. i think it's just too cute that he does this website for all his rabid fangirls. bless.
I sat there giggling uncontrollably for the next few minutes when I saw it. Shoo cyuuute! And you're right, I think he'd probably get more than a pinch on the cheeks from me if I managed to catch him as well! **laughs**

It's not often stars just randomly talk to their fangirls (/boys? I'm sure there must be some out there), and he does sound genuinely nice, which is just so sexy.
heehee. i was just going "awwwwwww!" for about 10 minutes, lol.
I know, it's such a refreshing change to see someone acknowledge and appreciate their fans like he does. dya know, when you join his fan club, you get three personalised signed photos, three letters a year from Tom himself, and a boxed silk rose? HOW SWEET?! awwww bless him. He's so down to earth and like you say, that makes him all the more sexy.