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Just a little drabble

Title:Wake Up Call



Summary: Lucius wakes up very pleasently. LM/DM -full summary inside.

Please R and R to tell me if I should continue with more chapters or leave this as a one shot ficlet.


The Wake Up Call

by Killer_the_cat

Summary: Okay so this plot bunny just appeared in my head and would not leave. Personally I don't think this is me at my best so I did not continue anymore chapters. Please review if you think there should be more. Draco decides to say hello to his father one morning.


Lucius woke up with a start. He felt a moist, warmth surrounding his penis. He blinked his eyes a few times to remove the sleep from them. When they finally adjusted to the sunlight that was flooding in through the windows, he raised his head slightly to look at his lap. A sheet covered Lucius from his navel down, completely encompassing his mystery guest. Lucius watched as the sheet sheathed head of his visitor moved up and down in his lap. Lucius groaned when he felt a wet tongue swirl lazily around the head of his cock. From that point on, Lucius gave up on all lucid thoughts and gave into the pleasure that was being so generously given, not even caring who the identity of the person was who was giving said pleasure. The tongue was removed from the cock head and Lucius growled at the sudden loss of contact. He was about to reach for the sheet covered head to push it back down, when he felt the pulsating heat of the tongue at the base of his prick moving south to his balls. He moaned when the tongue began running over his testicles in a teasing nature. A mouth came up to the balls and tenderly suckled them before moving back up to Lucius' erection. Small kisses were placed all along the shaft Lucius slipped his hand under the cover and began stroking the silky hair that covered the visitor's head. A very soft moan came from beneath the covers, affirming Lucius' belief that it was in fact a male. Lucius racked his brain for who it could be, for he had not been with Severus for years and he would never bring one of his prostitutes to his home. Waves of tension built up in his balls as the mouth began swallowing him done to his short hairs and vigorously thrusting up and down. His testicles tightened once more before he exploded into the waiting mouth. Lucius cried out as he had the best orgasm he had had in years. The generous mouth swallowed all of Lucius' spent seed and licked the sides of the shaft where some had spilled over. Panting, Lucius watched as the body began to move up his chest and a single, pale hand removed the sheet covering his body. His glazed over eyes were meet with similar stormy gray eyes.
"Draco?" Lucius asked in confusion.
The thin blond licked his lips, removing the semen from the corners. "Hello Father," her purred.
"Where.....what....when did you get here?" Lucius finally settled on asking.
"Just port keyed in from school a little while ago for summer vacation. Wanted to give you a little welcome home present. Did you miss me?" Draco responded with an pseudo innocent flutter of pale eyelashes.
Lucius raised a hand to rub Draco's cheek. His sons actions were very unexpected, but not unwelcome by any means for he had lusted after his own son for years.
"Very much my son. How generous of you to give me such a wonderful wake up, however, I do believe it is my turn to give you a little welcome home present." He pulled Draco down and crushed his lips passionately against his sons.

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