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Polishing Malfoy's broomstick since 2004 [entries|friends|calendar]
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Equilibrium Trailer - 12/12 [03 Dec 2006|12:55am]

Please turn up your volume.

Video rated PG.

Commencing December 9th 2006.
Special journal-only previews until then.
Friend NC-17 version here. Friend PG-13 version here.
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Equilibrium Trailer - 11/12 Harry Potter [01 Dec 2006|09:31pm]

Please turn up your volume.

Video rated PG.

Click to Friend. - Click for User Info. - Click for Journal.

Announcement: Due to request, a companion LJ, rated PG-13, will be made available for those wishing to follow the action in a less-explicit fashion. Date and link to be announced with final trailer.
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Weasleycest Fic Exchange [30 Aug 2006|12:53am]

[ mood | content ]

Like Weasleycest? Then go check out weasleycest_fic, a Weasleycest fic exchange. Sign-ups are open and will remain open until Sept 1st. Go check it out cuz as I say the more sign-ups the better.

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Remus/Harry Fanlisting [17 Jun 2006|01:00pm]

There is now a Remus/Harry fanlisting!

The Missing Piece
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[29 Aug 2005|12:40pm]

Title: Haizy
Author: Amadeo
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Pairing: Sirius/Regulus
Kinks: Underage boys

Read more...Collapse )
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Snape at hpchar100 [11 Jul 2005|08:47am]

Hey, just letting you know that this week's character at hpchar100 is Severus Snape, so if you want to come by and read or write 100 word drabbles for Snape, just head on over to hpchar100.
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James Potter at hpchar100 [04 Jul 2005|12:57am]

Hey everyone, just letting you know that James Potter is the character of the week at hpchar100, so if you want to write 100 word drabbles on James, come on by and join hpchar100. If you want to read drabbles of James come and watch hpchar100, and let everyone you know who likes James to come and watch/join hpchar100 and read and appreciate all the characters in HP land. Come by to hpchar100 now!
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Breaking Up The Marauders [22 May 2005|12:23pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Title: Breaking Up The Marauders (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2378251/1/)
Author: Ruinsul (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/556676/)
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: PG-13/T
Summary: "There can't be any Marauder pranks if there aren't any Marauders..."
When the Marauders finally push Lily and her friends too far, they decide to retaliate. But even the most carefully laid out plan can go awry...
Check it out :-)
If you read it, please review at the site! I love feedback!

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[10 May 2005|05:19pm]

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hpchar100 for Lucius! [08 May 2005|06:24am]

Hey all, just wanted to give you the heads up that the Character of the Week at hpchar100 is Lucius Malfoy. If you want to come and read/write drabbles on Lucius, or want to join the comm in general in hopes that one of your favourite HP characters are chosen, come by and join! Everyone is welcome at hpchar100 and we'd love for you to write for us! :)
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HP Character Drabbles! [30 Apr 2005|11:46am]

Hello, started up hpchar100, is a Harry Potter drabble community, but with a specific theme.

-- At hpchar100, there will be a character challenge each week. Every Sunday, there will be a mod post announcing the weekly character you will write a drabble about. The character of the week has to be the main character or one of the main characters of your drabble. You can write whatever you want here, any rating, any genre, but make sure that the character of the week is the most prominent figure in your drabble.

Basically put, hpchar100 is a comm for HP drabbles that are character-centric each week. Drabbles can be written on anything genre, any rating, so long as it's 100 words long and contains the character of the week. Please join if you like reading or writing drabbles, or just like Harry Potter. :)

This week it's Neville Longbottom, so join and enjoy the stories!
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[16 Dec 2004|11:18pm]


Title: Wake Up Call  -Chapter Two: "Welcome Home"

Author: killer_the_cat

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Lucius/Draco

Warnings: Malfoycest and rimming

Summary: Lucius has woken up to his wonderful son. It is now time to give him his welcome home present.

Chapter One can be found here.

Has been X-Posted.

( Welcome Home )

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[07 Nov 2004|08:32pm]

The prizes from JKR's site were 3 chapter titles from HBP.
In case you dont wanna knowCollapse )
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[14 Oct 2004|12:04am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Name: Hoggy_Hogwarts
Genre: Harry Potter/Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 (R has to be under cut)
Format: Livejournal and MSN
Community Link: Hoogy Hogwarts RPG and our Character List
Website Link: OOC: Hoggy Hogwarts RPG
Contact: Rachel The Mod
Age/Audition Requirements: The age limit is 14, no one under please. The application can be found on our user info page.
Further Info: We have just started up, and we have many people open! Please apply, we’d love to hear from you!

Name: The Forbidden Ones
Genre: Harry Potter/Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 (R has to be under cut)
Format: Livejournal and MSN
Community Link: The Forbidden Ones
Website Link: OOC: The Forbidden Ones
Contact: Susan- Mod #1
Abby- Mod #2
Rachel- Mod #3
Age/Audition Requirements: You must apply to Roleplay in this community. Please check out our rules before applying. I hope you all have a good day!
Futher Info; This is the order of who we need: Hufflepuffs, Male Students generally(we’d love to have some het males, but it’s up to you), Death Eaters, Slytherins, Ravenclaws, and Gryffndors.
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[18 Aug 2004|10:05pm]

Tom has once again updated his blog on his official website. He updated about a week and a half ago actually, but i've only just seen it cos i was wawy. Thought I'd let you all know.
luv jenni

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Just a little drabble [11 Aug 2004|11:47am]

[ mood | awake ]

Title:Wake Up Call



Summary: Lucius wakes up very pleasently. LM/DM -full summary inside.

Please R and R to tell me if I should continue with more chapters or leave this as a one shot ficlet.


Wake Up CallCollapse )

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Tom Felton Update [03 Aug 2004|08:43pm]

Lo people. I've just been to Tom's official website, which he writes himself (SQUEE!)and he's updated his blog and put three GORGEOUS new pics up. one of them his hair has started to grow back, methinks tis for filming *swoon*

the website is:- www.tomfelton.com for those of you who don't know it.

Enjoy! He's so nice . There are not enough genuinely nice famous types out there, but Tom is one of those few. *sigh*

luv Jenni
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[01 Aug 2004|08:36pm]

JOIN potter_claiming

A new claiming community for Harry Potter! Come and claim all your fave things, people and places from Harry Potter books and films. Unless of course they're taken. first come first served. see userinfo for mods and rules. So join and get thinking about what you want. Be as original as you like, so long as it's not crossed into the border of he ridiculous, and it's not already taken, IT'S YOURS!!!
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[23 Jul 2004|10:17pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey all! This is my new fic in my Colin series. This story comes two months after The Angst.   Please R/R-Thank you.


Author: killer_the_cat

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Yes I suck at summaries, but here it goes. This story is the continuing torment of Colin Creevey-Not the happy go lucky prat prtrayed in the books, but a angsty teen. AKA-Lucius' Fuck Toy.

X-posted -alot. Sorry-please forgive for that!


The GameCollapse )
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[19 Jul 2004|10:07pm]


Lucius and the Pink Trailer



Summary: Lucius is out of Azkaban with only a pink trailer and a roomate. Humor fic. Be warned smut ahead.

Previous chapters can be found here: http://adultfan.nexcess.net/aff/story.php?no=28397




Chapter FiveCollapse )
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